SHE RUN’s Mission & Vision

Reaching the most vulnerable age group…

This disparity is particularly marked in the 15-24 age group, with considerably more young men tending to exercise or play sport on a regular basis than young women, and “just 15% of men aged 15-24 never exercise or play sport, compared with 33% of women in the same age group.” 

Through School Sport !

Since “80% of school age student engage in physical activity only at school”, school sport offers the best space to launch innovative initiatives promoting equal participation in sport between women and men.



« It is always a great pleasure to be able to announce the launch of a new project of which can support the achievements of our vision and goals. With this, the ISF is proud welcome the landmark project She Runs, Active Girls’ Lead. As the first edition, this event marks the building blocks of a project aiming to contribute towards creating a legacy for youth, in particular for girls. For this reason, it was decided to stage the event in the context of the International Women’s Day.

We are proud that the ISF is embarking on this project; reinforcing the importance of health, empowerment and leadership in youth. »

Laurent Petrynka


everything starts in school
even sport

The International School Sport Federation (ISF) is an international non-profit sport organisation that sets up competitive and educational events for students aged between 13 to 18 years old. The ISF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and promotes the values of education through sport. This is the umbrella organisation 118 national school sport entities on the five continents.

Across the organisation of its events the ISF aims to promote among young people: healthy lifestyle, mutual understanding, empowerment, peace, non-discrimination, social inclusion and gender equality. Thus it contributes to support the educative paths of the young people to empower them as citizens of the world. ISF pursues its goals independently from political, religious or racial considerations.